or, at least, throw a party!!

Hey, cool kids! a couple of days ago i made this post about a really fun, free dating sim called Great Personality! It looks like a few of you guys already play it. :^) If not, let me give you the cliffnotes version:

  • its free
  • it’s fucking free god bless america im broke
  • 32 unique characters from all walks of life. I’m talking about different races, different economic means, different goals and dreams.
  • In case you need to re-read the last bullet point, yes I did say 32 entire routes. you are literally living in a bustling city full of attractive, single queer people. heaven is a real place and i’ve found it. (well, it’s a fictional place that can be accessed through your computer screen, but uh.)
  • it’s being broken up into four smaller games, so right now (i made this post february 2nd, 2014- check the website) you can only do 8 different routes, but most of the art is already done for the other games, so I’m fairly sure that they’ll be released soon.
  • The art and environments are so cute??? They are so cute. All the characters are drawn by different artists with unique, gorgeous art styles. The illustrations are incredible.
  • You aren’t gendered! no one uses gendered pronouns to describe you! You are a genderless entity with a name and a hometown that you enter at the beginning of your playthrough. that means: 
  • A) no awkward queer media trope bullshit! (because they don’t know whether you’re a queer couple or a heterosexual one, so there’s no opportunity for that. i can date a girl and get the same amount of respect that i would get dating a guy. no one mentions it it’s GREAT)
  • B) are you a non-binary person who’s sick of having to answer, “IS YOUR CHARACTER A BOY OR A GIRL BC OBVIOUSLY THESE ARE THE ONLY TWO POSSIBLE CONCLUSIONS” for every god damn roleplaying game on the market? today is your lucky day.
  • C) You can play as yourself! Or, if you’re the writing/artsy/character-creating type, you can make an oc that you ship with the character you’re romancing! :^)
  • Out of 32 characters, you are BOUND to find someone that you like! especially because…
  • It’s based on the Meyer’s Briggs personality classification system! (that means, somewhere, there’s a character that might resemble you. pretty cool, right???) the romance is also based on the Meyer’s Briggs theories of compatibility. Your Genderless Entity self takes on certain personality traits that are complementary to the person that you are romancing. (never in an uncomfortable, i-would-never-do-that kind of way, or at least, not from my experiance!) You might even learn a thing or two about what draws you to different people!!
  • Did i mention it was free??? then what the fuck are you waiting for!??? (ps: if you like it, you should totes donate, because those artists worked their asses off.)

If you make posts about it, please put them in the #great personality tag, so we can all see them!!

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