mizuta “missed the bus” for like, the 9th time fall semester. good thing ishigaki is so gay patient.


space-soap even took time from his busy schedule to dew me a Mer’suke, WHAT IS THIS MAGIC~~~

i’m so glad you liked it!!! :’O i would have posted it on tumblr but it was just a doodle, and i really drew it for you…i didnt feel like it was worth it…



Thank you SO much for the patient wait! 

AMARANTH is a 12 month 2015 Mink-only calendar with 12 unique illustrations, by 12 incredibly talented artists in the Dramatical Murder fandom! 

The calendar is 8.5”x11”, professionally printed and spiral bound. 

Amaranth features the following artists:

January - artistblack
February - mayonaka-hibiki
March - prince-ichi
April - elopm
May - iopiu
June - cresii
July - vogelbips
August - weenie-kun
September - bob-chan
October - space-soap
November - masasei
December - goldtectonic

The calendar is currently available for preorder in 3 tiered packages in the storenvy shop; Tier 1 (only the calendar), Tier 2 (1st bonus package), andTier 3 (2nd bonus package). There will also be additional mink goodies for purchase! 


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if you peek at your cake, he’ll have you executed!!

✩SURVEY TIME: Which Yowamushi Pedal ships do you want to see made into acrylic charms??✩

Go to this website to cast your vote!!

Or, leave a response telling me your otp isn’t listed!! Its all valuable market info!! :^0

feel free to reblog this post to try to raise votes for your favorite ships! the more votes your ship gets, the more likely i am to make it into a charm!!

(here’s my shop, if you want an example of what my acrylic charm designs usually look like)

me, tbh

the only thing i know about komari is that they look like a beautiful blue raspberry flavored sex alien princess

i now pronounce you, husband and husband

the ywpd_69 min prompt tonight was “eyes,” which sounds to me like an excuse to draw sansaka. everything is an excuse to draw sansaka.

are you really that surprised, sakamichi-kun…