mila the benevolent replied to your post: um hello friends this isnt directed to…

I don’t even know what that means.

i dont remember which tumblr user started it, but the #dramatical gender tag was designed for trans headcanons for the characters in Dramatical Murder.

all i was saying is that a bunch of people used the tags for “genderbends,” and while i dont personally have a problem with genderbends, thats not actually what the tag was made for

um hello friends this isnt directed towards anyone in particular but the dramatical gender tag isnt really made for “cisswaps” or “genderbends” it was made for trans headcanons

i think its just a general misunderstanding; a lot of cis headcanons have wound up there and thats cool but that isnt what that tag was made for

okay realtalk,

if youre going to reblog someone’s art and you’re too lazy to take 2 seconds to pop by their blog and see what their gender/pronouns are, then at least have the decency to use the neutral “they.”

im really sick and tired of people calling me “she” and “her” and “ma’am” on reblogs that shit is not cute and im a little disgusted tbh

dont try to outsass a seragaki, noiz

i heard the last guy who tried wound up dead

ilmenskie wanted furry noiz aka regular noiz



im almost to 600 followers on this dumb blog! When I hit the mark I will do a give away. I’m poor so instead of buying you stuff I will do a free digital painting for the winner!

ANY character. OC, Real person, your otp, ect I dont care. WHATEVER YOU WANT.

You must be following me and you must like and or reblog to enter. I dont care which. I’m just gonna pick a random name and check to see if they follow me. 

check out my shitty gay doodles here sorry I dont post art much because im trash so you have to sift through a lot of crap sketches.

If I ever hit a 1000 I will buy someone a giant print.

I have a question for my trans followers in Richmond, VA


Do you guys know anywhere around that area or around VCU where trans people can get prescribed hormones? My friend is a trans guy who’s been transitioning for the last 6 months and wants to start T. Does anybody know anywhere in that area that would be good?


So we may or may not have bought these prints from the lovely Jo… and we may or may not have reenacted them for her.

Art: joannaestep
Mizuki: space-soap
Clear: lessamao 
Photos/Aggressive Directing: Me!

(PS, Jo! If you don’t want the pictures of your art up, please tell me! I put them up for reference to the photos.)

hey, if you know me irl, could you call me Wesley from now on?

also, i’ve started using “he” pronouns. thank you… i know i’ve made a lot of changes and it must be confusing for some of you… your support means a lot to me…

if you know me, or we talk from time to time, please like this post to let me know you read it.

**please do not call me Wesley or “he” in front of my family. if you know me and you’re confused and you want to talk, send me an ask for my skype or my phone number. or if you already have my number, text me. it’s okay, we can talk about this.


M’izuki: space-soap
Sei: Me…
Video: lessamao

I’m so sorry, we’re trash.




Me every time someone draws me a picture

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