gender things: the dramatic saga unfolds

yes, today is the day i come out to everyone as genderfluid

please seriously i need you to know this stuff; at least read a little…

the cliff notes version: (if you dont want to read the damn novel i just wrote under the cut, although the “novel” will help provide a more complete understanding)

preferred pronouns? they/them/their

are you going to dress differently? im going to wear whatever the hell i want, thanks (but i will dress a little differently, thank god for binders)

but u look like a girl to me????? well tough shit

did you come out to your family? surprisingly, yes, i told my mom; it turns out she didnt identify as a cis woman until she was 40??? holy shit????

…is this why you wrote so many trans headcanons, you fucking nerd? hell yeah. hell yeah.

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so i just came out to my flawless girlfriend as genderfluid, and she was unbelievably sweet about it

i’ll make a more serious post about my gender in a sec, (since this is the first time ive told most of you all) but for right now im just celebrating!!! 



new stuff on my storenvy!

this is literally everything i have right now guys, i need some more of it sold before i can in good conscience start making more products/fandoms ect.

i really wanna do a dmmd button set :3 but i cant until i get new parts

signal boosting is appreciated!

someone please link me to the most recent dmmd episode please its for the children


how do people even write multichapter, multi-thousand word fics

how do people finish comics

i keep starting this fucking mizuclear picture i swear to god ive been trying to start for like. how many months now???

about the binders:

here’s the link

i bought 2 size smalls; check your measurements before messaging me!

do i have any dfab followers with very narrow chests???

i accidentally ordered some binders that dont fit; but they were really cheap so im willing to give them away for free if you can pay for shipping to your location (i live in Virginia in the US)

i would PREFER to give them to nb/transguys but if youre an interested cis cosplayer, give me your contact info and i’ll give u second dibs

also if you could signal boost this that would be REALLY nice<3

pins??? maybe?? B^)

also YEAH hippoman and dogfucker are on their ways i promise; i didnt like my initial painting so i had to redo them…

remember when i used to draw these dysfunctional shitheads literally every day between classes???

yeah…i miss that…

when was the last time i connected with u all like 4 real


hey im gonna livestream me drawing random ass shit, mostly trans headcanons and this dumb dragon age/dmmd cross over ive been pissing about on twitter lately heheh

YOU SHOULD TOTALLY COME but dont be silent because silence is boring this is a social occasion come downstairs and have dinner with the family

so im pretty much drawing concept art for the fantasy/da au, and taking suggestions and requests! :^)